How To: Not Kill Your Plants

Keeping a plant alive is no easy task. If you lack a green thumb {like us} we hope this guide can assist you in your indoor plant adventures. The first step to long lasting greenery is to find a potted plant or two that works with the structure of your home and lifestyle. You may have heard succulents are indestructible. This is FALSE. Lauren and I, your devoted bloggers, have successfully managed to significantly shorten the lives of this very breed. If you can relate, do not be discouraged! The following simple steps don’t require a green thumb but with a little determination, you can bring plant life to your home.
Rules of Thumb
• One of the biggest mistakes planters make is to over-love their green friends. To avoid this deadly move, choose one or two days of the week (depending on the needs of your plants) that you water. Consistency is important. If you feel the soil and it is moist, be cautious not to continue watering this plant. Dry soil = thirsty plant.
• The size of the plant and container affects the amount of water it needs. Obviously a bigger plant will need more water, and some tend to absorb water quickly so those plants might need a little extra.
• Plants living in plastic pots with holes on the bottom have more ability to drain so the roots don’t rot.
• Start out with a low budget when purchasing your first plant. Be patient, as this is a trial and error process, when discovering which plants work best for your environment. It’s important to factor in sunlight, temperature, and watering habits.
• Talk to your local nursery about the needs of your specific plant, and do your research on which plant life will most likely survive your home’s environment.