Back to School Month!

back to school.jpg

August is National Back to School Month. Let’s talk about how we can help our kids stay healthy by providing them with nutritious lunches.

·         Instead of packing the fruit gummies, you can buy a bulk of fruit. Wash them and cut them once you get home and separate them in snack bags or small containers that are easy to grab when packing lunch. If you can’t buy fresh, then fruit cups are the next best thing.


·         You can do the same with any vegetables. Prepack them in snack bags and pack a small container of ranch, hummus, or guacamole. Meal Prepping is key to success!


·         Snack wraps are the easiest to make. Use a tortilla wrap. There are many different types like, spinach or roasted tomato. Inside the wrap you can add avocado, chicken salad, turkey, chicken, cheese, egg, tuna. Anything to add protein to their lunch.


·         Left overs are also another great lunch. Anything that does not have to be reheated. Such as turkey or chicken. You could add these to the snack wraps for a cold sandwich. 


·         Bento boxes are a great way to ensure your kids get fruits, vegetables and a protein with the right portions. You can find these online and even in local stores. These are a good alternative to a classic style lunch box.


·         Nuts, small cheese bites, pretzels, trail mixes, and hard-boiled eggs are all great snacks to add in to their lunches.


You can even add some of these great lunch ideas to your lunch for work.