An impactful wellness program is one that will become a part of your office culture. Healthy Performance is geared toward your company's individual needs. Here is how it goes:

  • After your company has selected a biometric screening package, you can further engage your employees with the À la carte wellness add ons. 
    • (these are only add-ons to an existing Wellness Plan through OHS)
  • Add the wellness add-ons that are most geared to you and your company's needs. 
  • OHS designs programs that encourage members to choose to live a healthier lifestyle rather than being forced to do so. By equipping participants with the knowledge and support to bring about beneficial change, they are empowered as a team to work towards goals and engage in healthy competition. 


À La Carte Options

  • Nicotine testing
  • Health Coaching Calls
  • Activity based tracking
  • Outcome based tracking
  • On-site seminars or Interactive Lunch and Learn 
  • MyGetMoving – competition through fitness tracking devices
With groups of 24 or more participants, the MyWellCheck system will run a Client Summary Report that reveals group trends and areas of high risk overall. With this information, your company's wellness committee can approach improving the current work environment for the health needs of their employees. 
The Client Summary Report will never reveal individual results.