The Healthy Takeoff package is an ideal first step towards implementing wellness in the workplace. This program connects participants to clinical care and strengthens personal health awareness. With our à la carte services, your company can customize the program’s benefits to further meet the needs of your group. 

  • Health Screening – Our onsite biometric screening includes the option of a finger stick blood draw or venipuncture lipid panel and glucose test. Each participant will take an online Health Risk Assessment creating a profile for their blood work and health status.
  • My WellCheck Profile and Reporting – Participants that take our online health risk assessment will receive a private and comprehensive wellness profile available through the OHS portal. This profile is a 12 page report detailing current health risks and providing recommendations for improving overall health. For groups with 15 or more participants, we will be able to provide aggregate reporting detailing group’s trending health status. Not applicable to GO365.
  • Biometric Consultation – Using the blood work results from either a finger stick (immediate face to face discussion) or venipuncture (telephonic discussion for high-risk only within 72 hours), our wellness team will review labs with your participants in a one-to-one nutrition consultation providing individual nutrition guidance and support. Our staff can connect high-risk participants top medical care to reduce risk of further complications.


As a wellness vendor for Humana GO365, our staff will coordinate with your company’s Humana Representative to connect insurance information and support. GO365 biometric screenings can be scheduled by calling or emailing On-Site Health Solutions. OHS will upload all GO365 points to Humana directly and guarantees to keep all results confidential. We are proud of our relationship with the Humana Team. 


With groups of 24 or more participants, the MyWellCheck system will run a Client Summary Report that reveals group trends and areas of high risk overall. With this information, your company's wellness committee can approach improving the current work environment for the health needs of their employees. 

Individual participant results will remain confidential.