For fully insured groups, our medical model may be covered at 100% by your insurance carrier. Please call OHS for more information regarding your insurance plan and its benefits. 

  • Health Screening – Our onsite biometric screening includes the option of a finger stick blood draw or venipuncture lipid panel and glucose test. Each participant will take an online Health Risk Assessment creating a profile for their blood work and health status.
  • Practitioner Consultation – Our staff provides an on-site consultation with a nurse practitioner or physician to review participants health information in depth. This allows your employees to ask questions and develop a greater understanding of their health status. 
  • My WellCheck Profile and Reporting – Participants that take our online health risk assessment will receive a private and comprehensive wellness profile available through the OHS portal. This profile is a 12 page report detailing current health risks and providing recommendations for improving overall health. For groups with 15 or more participants, we will be able to provide aggregate reporting detailing group’s trending health status. 
With groups of 24 or more participants, the MyWellCheck system will run a Client Summary Report that reveals group trends and areas of high risk overall. With this information, your company's wellness committee can approach improving the current work environment for the health needs of their employees. 
The Client Summary Report will never reveal individual results.