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Keep Your Employees Safe and in Compliance

In order to protect your employees and comply with the upcoming OSHA regulations for businesses with at least 100 employees, Onsite Health Solutions (OHS) is pleased to offer a COVID Prevention Management solution. Using the tools available in our platform and through strategic management partnerships, employers can easily keep track of employee vaccination completion and COVID testing to ensure compliance–through employee self reports or from onsite clinics.

Additionally, we offer courses and COVID-19 Resources provide clinical facts about how and why the vaccine is safe and effective through educational courses and videos with board-certified medical doctors.

If employees prefer to self test and self report, the OHS platform can provide compliance tracking directly from employees’ dashboards on their phones or computers. For employees who would rather submit to weekly testing, OHS can provide multiple options.

Weekly vaccination and testing outcome reports are available for adherence to government requirements.

Covid-19 Pricing & Minimums

Below is a summary of Covid-19 services for Rapid Antigen Covid-19 Tests for employees.

Pricing – COVID Testing

Rapid Antigen Testing (10 min Results)

<20 tests/day $70
>20 tests/day $60
Site fee of $100 per shift

  • Minimum of 15 tests per day per shift to come onsite
  • Testing to be done in consecutive time slots unless approved by OHS
  • Travel TBD based on location, size and shifts


  • Point of Care Tests Provided to client with telehealth administration $50 per test
  • Train a safety, EMT, nurse or other staff to administer test $40 per test
  • Preferred appointments at Prospect, KY office M-F $85 per test
  • OSHA compliant registration, tracking and reporting for testing and vaccines
    $2.50-$3.50 PEPM depending on platform chosen
Antibody Testing $40
Rapid Antigen and Antibody Combo $80
PCR – same-day results if by 2:00p.m. M-F $125

Custom URL for individual registration, tracking, compliance, reporting and results

Pricing – Vaccines

Pfizer $40 per dose
Site Fee $100 per day/shift
Minimum 10 scheduled consecutively
Travel – TBD

Why Choose OHS

  • In business since 1993
  • Customer Service Excellence – no 800 numbers to toss people around
  • Local Kentuckiana Business traveling to more than 25 states each year
  • Professional Team with a combined total over 50 years of wellness and health screening experience
  • Over 500 clients performing over 17k biometric screenings per year
  • Since April 2020, we have performed over 35k Rapid Antigen, Antibody, PCR and Vaccines for our clients

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