Wellness @ Work

Every employee is different—and so is every Wellness @ Work customer. We offer unprecedented flexibility and features to wellness plan administrators, letting you tailor the program however you wish:

  • The platform is easy to set up and operate with an intuitive, user-friendly interface.
  • Every part of the program can be customized—we help you design a program that fits. Want to make changes? We can adjust your program in minutes.
  • Reasonable alternative standard activities for smoking, weight, etc. included for FREE.
  • Comprehensive and clear reporting helps you easily analyze claims data.
  • Employees can participate in gamified, company-wide challenges and can also pick their own personal challenges. Users can choose from a range of meaningful rewards.

Health Assessment

Habits matter. A complete health assessment analyzes users’ health history and habits, identifying unhealthy elements. The Wellness @ Work health assessment goes beyond nutrition and exercise, analyzing factors like stress, sleep, job satisfaction, financial wellness, and sense of purpose.

Flexible Platform

Every employee is different. To get the best results, people need a wellness program that works with their needs and lifestyle, meeting them where they are. Our program has over 200 fun, flexible challenges, with something for everybody—guaranteed.

Holistic Approach

Nutrition and exercise are important, but they’re only part of the wellness picture. Wellness @ Work  addresses the entire person: emotional, financial, occupational, social, and physical well-being, along with the one thing that ties everything together: purpose.


Leap in with over 200 fresh and fun community and personal challenges that cover the entire spectrum of wellness. These challenges meet each individual where they are in their own wellness journey and are designed to foster healthy habit-forming behaviors.

Wellness @ Work wellness challenge ideas help users develop new habits across the entire spectrum of wellness: physical, emotional, financial, occupational, and social—all driven by purpose.

Over 300 challenges (and counting!), ranging from bite-sized changes to “Time to unleash your inner warrior!”

Challenges can be customized or even created from scratch.  Users can participate in group challenges for fun gamification that brings the whole team together.


Access my on the go via native iOS and Android apps for phones and tablets. Automated text messages make it easy and fun to record progress on challenges. Using a wearable? You can sync your fitness tracker, Wi-Fi smart scale, glucose monitor, and blood monitor to Wellness @ Work for a wellness program that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Basic Plan

Engaged Plan

Dedicated Wellness Coordinator

    Turn Key Communications

    Support (800), email

Wellness Portal

     Custom URL with Logo

     Customizable Health Assessment

     Single Sign-In

     Quick Links

     Personal Wellness Calendar

     Notifications via text and email

     Employee Dashboard

     Individual and Company Reports

     Spouses Included

Mobile App

Health Coaching call with OnSite Health Solutions

University - Education


     Customized Challenges




          Videos with Quizzes

Wireless Devices


     Individual Challenges

     Multiple Devices


     Customized Tiers and Rewards

     Rewards Mall with Employer Fulfillment

Biometric Scheduler

Wellness @ Work at Work

Basic Plan

Engaged Plan

Is your company’s wellness program compliant?

Starting January 1, 2019, we began advising employers not to incentivize solely for completing biometric screenings and/or a health assessment. On-Site Health Solutions has designed a wellness program pathway that caters to both the employer’s goals and the employees’ needs. Let OHS bring the benefit of wellness your employees and company culture through our customizable and compliant program platform!


New in 2020

Employers can customize points rewarded for each activity staying 100% voluntary for biometrics, bloodwork, and online assessment.

In other words, the client can tailor the pathways available for achieving the incentive. 

Employees choose their path to get there!

For clients using OHS’ recommended program designs, OHS will “Indemnify” the client regarding AARP vs EEOC guidelines on “voluntary”

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