Onsite Health Solutions’ partner, Wild Health, is a strategic alliance opportunity for others in healthcare, insurance, or technology to deliver for employers, for patients and for partnership. Strategic decisions for healthcare savings across the board start with innovative solutions to satisfy employers and provide needed precision medicine for employees.

  • Precision health plan – driven by your biometrics, biomarkers, genetics & lifestyle – with personalized recommendations across diet, exercise, sleep, mental health, chronic disease risk & more
  • Doctors & health coaches committed to your health, your goals & your lifestyle
  • Ongoing check-ins with your health team to keep you educated, motivated & track progress
  • Primary care coverage to take care of any one-off health needs

GENETICS – We sequence your DNA to analyze all of your genetic advantages, predispositions and disadvantages.

EXTENSIVE TESTING – Blood testing to evaluate your lipids, thyroid, cardiovascular, hormone, minerals, vitamins and other factors.

LIFESTYLE FACTORS – Food, family life, sleep, exercise, stress, spiritual beliefs, etc…