Onsite Health Solutions

Wellness At Work

Our mission is to infuse a mindset of wellness within the community of your company, resulting in more productive and engaged employees.

Our skilled team of medical experts are dedicated to the individual mission of your company. We know no two groups are alike and want to identify the specific needs of your employees and company culture.

The importance of workplace wellness is substantial; the effort required by you is not. OHS makes wellness easy.

What We Can Do For You

  • Insite/Onsite Team: Medical Directors, Substance Use/Behavioral Health, Wellness, AI Technology
  • Provide Medical Expertise: physicians from an innovative health system and academic medical centers.
  • Employer Health Guidance:
    • Return to Work best practices
    • Understanding RT-PCR vs COVID-19 Antibody
    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): n95, kn95, surgical masks, 3-ply masks
    • Temperature Checking 100.4
  • Policy and Procedures Development (toolkit)
  • Provide aggregation of updated Federal, State, and local guidelines.
  • Customized employee education and materials (link to all things COVID-19)
  • Procurement of Supplies and Products