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RxProtect is Better Business

Since 2019…

RxProtect was born with the vision that there is simply a better way for self-insured companies to pay for and deliver high-cost medications to employees and their families

Our mission is to help employees and their families afford the cost of medications that are prescribed to them. By helping employees and their families we also help the self-insured employer. Success in the RxProtect program is a win-win for all involved.

Popular Medication Examples*

Retail: $1,043
GoodRx: $928
RxProtect: $368
Retail: $1,019
GoodRx: $771
RxProtect: $438
Retail: $26,403
GoodRx: $25,449
RxProtect: $6,200
Retail: $1,170
GoodRx: $1,053
RxProtect: $568
Retail: $5,628
GoodRx: $5,250
RxProtect: $2,099
Retail: $5,860
GoodRx: $5,451
RxProtect: $1,999

*RxProtect prices listed are wholesale cost of medication and do not include the RxProtect shared savings fee and the shipping fee.

We Mitigate The Problem

  • Most specialty, insulin, type 2, and other medications are available as brand name options only. There are few generic options.
  • Consumers (employers and employees) are stuck paying significant high costs with few options
  • 5-7% of an employee population accounts for 50-70% of annual Rx employer spend.
  • The highest cost medications are increasing by 13% per year and are significantly impacting total employer Rx spend.
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Proven Process & Solution

The RxProtect program is customized to fit your needs. We source best in class pharmacies from both Canada and the USA.