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RxProtect is Better Business

Since 2019…

RxProtect was born with the vision that there is simply a better way for self-insured companies to pay for and deliver high-cost medications to employees and their families

Our mission is to help employees and their families afford the cost of medications that are prescribed to them. By helping employees and their families we also help the self-insured employer. Success in the RxProtect program is a win-win for all involved.

RxProtect is a team of industry experts supported by nurses and pharmacists to deliver a safe international importation option to self-insured employer groups.

Medications are supplied by McKesson and dispensed from a singular location in Canada creating a strong peace of mind for end users and significant discounts for self-insured employer Rx plans.

Why Choose RxProtect?

  • No script sourcing
  • No financial risk – RxProtect shares in the savings only
  • 30-40% net savings to employer bottom line with $0 copay for members
Avg Retail:$1,043$26,403
Avg Retail:$5,628$1,170
Avg Retail:$1,019$5,860

Personal Service

Get To Know Each Other

RxProtect takes a proactive approach to understanding your company and employee population.

Understanding The Message

RxProtect collaborates with your company to deliver highly-effective messaging for employees.


RxProtect advocates for your employees and their family members to drive the highest amount of cost savings possible.

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fully transparent

Fully Transparent

The insurance market is prime with what we consider to be ‘grey area.’ Information and fees can be hard to dissect, often leading to more questions than answers. As a self-insured company you hope to contain health care spend each year, but the unclear language and numerous players in the process are potentially allowing real dollars to fall through the cracks.

We understand your pain. Our promise to you is a partnership of full transparency. This means high levels of quality communication and full transparency in regard to our program services and fee structure. There are no grey areas in the RxProtect program.