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RxProtect is Better Health

Nurse Driven and Pharmacist Supported

Simple. Seamless. Powerful.

RxProtect is a forward-thinking industry leader specializing and focusing on identifying opportunities to reduce or eliminate employer and employee overall out of pocket prescription drug (RX) spend.

The Problem:

3-5% of an employee population often accounts for 40-60% of an employer’s total drug spend.

The Solution:

RxProtect focuses on that 5% employee base, generating an average savings of $10.1k per enrollee, every 12 months.

  • Member Copay and Cost Share Eliminated
  • Medication Delivered to the Doorstep of Member
  • Happier and Healthier Member

No Changes Needed

The RxProtect program requires NO CARVE OUTS to your current medications and no changes to your current program or vendors. The RxProtect program is a value-add, complimentary service to the programs you already have in place!

No Financial Risk

We do not charge a PEPM, PMPM, startup fees or ongoing monthly flat fees. There is NO financial risk to your company because RxProtect receives payment only when we save you money.

30-40% Net Savings

RxProtect leverages wholesale pharmacy relationships to deliver insulin and other brand name or specialty medicationns for your members. Our clients realize a 30-40% NET savings equaling hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars to their bottom line.

Be A Hero To Your Members And Company

The implementation of the RxProtect program is painless and requires little work from you. We provide messaging, full customer support, and all proactive outreach after the launch of the program. All questions asked from your members can be sent directly to us. You have enough on your plate as it is!

Your members will love you for offering the RxProtect program at your company. Members receive their brand name medications for free with no copay. Your bottom line will see a 30%-50% net savings as well. We created this business model to be a true win – win. A win for members and a win for self-insured employers.

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We Care About Your Members

All member support and proactive outreach from RxProtect is provided by our team of nurses and is supported by pharmacists. We believe in high-quality care management and care continuum. Rest assured, when a member from your organization calls-in for assistance or is contacted by RxProtect, the member will receive top notch care.

Employers Realize A Significant Average Net Savings Per Enrollee Per Year of $6140

[net savings]