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RxProtect is Low Risk

Personal Importation with Peace of Mind

We Remove the Stigma

The importation of International medications can raise many questions.
As it should.

Most people know that medications coming from outside of the USA are cheaper. But “cheaper” is not always better.

The process is just as important as the price.

RxProtect has created a unique process to eliminate safety and supplier concerns, along with elimination of the many uncontrollable variables found in other international medication programs.

The RxProtect solution maintains full control of the medication supply chain from manufacturer to the doorstep of the enrollee.

peace of mind

The Difference Is Clear

rx protect
  • 1 Supplier
  • 1 Pharmacy Location
  • 1 Country
  • ISTA-Certified Shipping
  • Low Risk
other programs
  • Many Suppliers
  • Many Pharmacies
  • 5-7 Different Countries
  • Non-Certified Shipping
  • High Risk