Rx Protect

RxProtect is Low Risk

Simple, Seamless, Powerful

  • All medications sent to wholesale pharmacy partner in Canada or USA
  • 30-40% net savings for employers
  • Net savings from six to nine figures depending upon employer size and engagement
  • Averaging $6,140 savings per enrollee per year
  • Shipped to the address (or shipping choice) of enrollee by wholesale pharmacy partner
  • No copay and no payment towards deductible required

Note: Our process maintains equivalent or greater safety and licensing regulations as the USA, but with the discounts seen in Canada.

peace of mind

Nurse & Pharmacist-Driven Engagements

RxProtect provides Nurse & Pharmacist driven proactive engagements on a six-week outreach schedule utilizing multiple touchpoints to maximize the opportunity of program enrollment. The outreach approach depends greatly upon how aggressive a client will allow us to be. We have full capability to be as aggressive as allowed and as passive as needed.